The Nation + Wall Street Journal + Monocle

The Nation + Wall Street Journal + Monocle

The Nation is Thailand's daily English newspaper with a 46-year history of independent and ground-breaking reporting. The newspaper offers extensive local, regional and global news analysis and coverage. The Nation is a founding member of Asia News Network, an alliance of 22 newspaper in 20 countries.

Stay abreast of local and regional issues. (1 year)


The Wall Street Journal is the world’s leading business news source bringing unparalleled markets coverage and industry scoops to the most ambitious, influential and affluent people in the world. Readers rely on the Wall Street Journal’s unrivaled coverage and global perspective to inform their key business decisions. (1 year)

Monocle is the world's leading global affairs and lifestyle magazine  founded in 2007. The content includes a briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more. Monocle believe there was a globally minded audience that was hungry for opportunities and experiences beyond national borders. Monocle magazines are dense, booklish, and collectable. They are commissioned, edited and designed at Midori House headquarters in London's Marylebone and call on a global team of staff editors.

Monocle : keeping an eye and an ear on the world. 


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